Friday, 6 November 2009

windows svn news

windows svn 7 news , sales extremely strong

According to research firm NPD Group, retail sales of boxed copies of Windows 7 are 234% higher than Vista's were at launch, absolutely crushing the older operating system’s launch sales figures (which, admittedly, the older operating system pretty much deserves).

But it wasn't just software numbers that were strong. Windows svn 7 launched on October 22, and unit sales of Windows PCs between October 18 and 24 were up 49% over the same period a year ago, and 95% over the preceding week. And yeah, that may say something about the fairly crappy nature of Vista, but it says far more about how great Windows 7 is, and how smart Microsoft's marketing was in the months leading up to launch day.

Clearly, Microsoft's strategy of offering free, pre-release versions of Windows svn 7 (that actually work until next spring) paid off, giving consumers plenty of time to learn that what Redmond was claiming about the new OS wasn't just hype. I’ve personally had that build running on my kids’ 6-year-old computer for months with no issues whatsoever.

But the Microsoft advertising strategy worked as well, concentrating on the features and strengths of the OS rather than whining about Apple. And compared to the insipid and pompously hip Apple “I’m a Mac” ads, their ad strategy has been a real relief (the recent Apple ads that attempt to blunt the positive responses to Windows svn 7 are particularly pathetic and irritating: weak an unimaginative, they ought to have their tag lines changed from “I’m a Mac” to “I’m a douche”).

And let me mention one thing before you claim I’m simply a Microsoft Kool-Aid drinker: For years I was a huge Apple evangelist; I've run every Apple OS since 6, still have multiple Macs running at our store, and switch back and forth regularly. So I’m extremely familiar with both operating systems.

But I made the switch to Windows svn 7 on my home office desktop in early October (yes, I was geeky enough to be selected to host a launch party - please don't tell the jocks or they'll kick my ass), and not only has it been a pleasure both functionally and aesthetically, it's robust as hell: not one single crash or issue of any kind since I installed it.

Finally, Microsoft has released an operating system that deserves to be called great. And people have apparently noticed.

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