Saturday 7 November 2009

windows 7 svn taskbar

The Windows svn 7 Taskbar has been one of the most prominent new features in Windows svn 7 ever since it was first introduced by Microsoft. The new taskbar changes the way users interact with the taskbar by adding several new features that make it more comfortable to work with the operating system. Many users – even those that have not used Windows 7 yet – know that the new taskbar offers thumbnail previews for selected applications, jumplists and abilities to pin applications to the taskbar. What many do not know is that the taskbar icons are also displaying progress meters where applicably. Copying or moving files in Windows Explorer will for instance display the progress of that operation in the Windows svn 7 taskbar.
Taskbar Meters is a third party program for Windows svn 7 that can add up to three new icons to the Windows svn 7 taskbar displaying the computer system’s computer memory, hard disk and cpu utilization. The program makes use of the aforementioned feature to display meters in the taskbar icons in the operating system.
taskbar meters
The portable software program comes with three executables after download and extraction. Each executable will place one new icon in the Windows svn 7 taskbar that is displaying the utilization level of that component.
It is possible to customize the update frequency and color scheme used by any of the three meters individually. A right-click will open the jumplist containing links to the Windows svn 7 Resource Monitor and Task Manager.
Each individual icon is using roughly 10 Megabytes of computer memory while running raising the computer memory usage by 30 Megabytes if all three icons are displaying values in the taskbar. Users who are interested in the program can download it from the developer’s website. The software program is only compatible with Windows svn 7 (and probably Windows Server 2008 R2 as well).

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